Atlanta Housewives ADDING 'Asian Housewife' To  Show . . . Taking Trip To JAPAN!!!

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The Atlanta Housewives will be adding an "Asian woman" to show this year. MTO News spoke with a Bravo producer who told us that the Housewives cast will be "adding an Asian" girl.

To be clear, there will not be an Asian Housewife per se. But an Asian woman will be added on as a friend to the show. Bravo has been trying to increase the diversity on the Atlanta Housewives and have decided that adding an Asian woman would work this season.

So how will they introduce the new "friend"? Well the Bravo exec told MTO News, the women will be going on a trip to Japan this season. The new woman is Japanese, and will help them understand the culture better.

Very interesting. That would be the first Asian housewife on ANY of the Bravo shows.

A LOT has been going on behind the scenes of the Atlanta Housewives as they film the new season. 

Kenya may be coming back... and is obviously very pregnant.

Porsha is also pregnant

Phaedra is coming back...

Kim is LONG gone...

Cynthia has a new boyfriend but she may be cheating on him...WITH PETER.

Nene got a new face...

And Marlo officially got a PEACH.

The ladies will surely be BRINGING the drama this season.