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Atlanta Housewife Shamari Devoe is caught in the midst of some explosive rumors - coming from members of Ronnie Devoe's family.

According to Ronnie's family member, Shamari was married to another man - when she met and started dating current husband Ronnie Devoe.

Shamari and Ronnie went on the popular TV show Sister Circle Live, and they told the interviewers that the two met in 2001 at the MTV’s Icon Award ceremony for Janet Jackson. 

At that time, Blaque was fresh off of their successful debut album and BBD was preparing to release another album later that year, which ended up featuring Shamari on one song. 

Ronnie was in the club with his buddy Bobby Brown when he approached Shamari with a few smooth lines. The only issue - according to Ronnie's kin - is that Shamari was married at the time.

The insider explained, "Ronnie is her SECOND husband. She first married when she got out of high school."

Ronnie family member, who calls Shamari a "user" and "manipulator", claims that Shamari has a lot of secrets in her past that she's been hiding.

Their union remained relatively under the radar until New Edition’s successful 2017 biopic sparked interest in the legendary group members. Now, Shamari and Ronnie are taking full advantage of the current nostalgia wave by hopping back in the studio and booking shows to continue their music careers. And, there’s no better way to keep your name on the tips of people’s tongues than starring on a reality TV show, right?