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Real Housewives Of Atlanta star Porsha Williams is pregnant again, MTO News has confirmed. She and her fiancé Dennis McKinley are expecting their second baby. 

The couple has known each other for just a year, and already they made two WHOLE BABIES.

One of the Atlanta Housewife's close friends confirmed to MTO News that Porsha is pregnant. And they told us that Porsha's second pregnancy was "planned."

The insider explained, "Porsha wants more than one child, but she doesn't want to have more than one baby's father."

Porsha and Dennis had been estranged for the last two months. It's not clear whether the new baby - which we're told is a little over two months - was conceived before or after the two separated.

But Porsha and Dennis are trying to work things out - and the new baby may help hold their relationship together. The friend continued, "Dennis is a family man. I think he'll end up marrying Porsha when it's all said and done."

She added, "The two of them love each other, and will have two kids together. Why not get married at that point?"

Here's a pic of Porsha taken a few days ago, you can see a teeny bump:


According to Hollywood Life:

Once again, Porsha’s comments section was filled with fans who pointed out PJ’s endearing resemblance to her dad, Dennis McKinley. “She is her daddy twin!!!!” one such fan wrote, while another person commented, “She is her Dad’s twin. She looks so much like him. Too Cute.” You don’t have to tell him twice! Dennis reposted a different photo of Pilar riding in her car seat on July 11, and pointed out which traits his mini me inherited from him: “Eyebrows, Dimples Daddy! Everything else Momma ❤️😍🥰 @pilarjhena.”