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Porsha from the Real Housewives of Atlanta's fiance Dennis is quitting his job - to help Porsha take advantage of business opportunities.

Porsha Williams from the Atlanta Housewives is letting her new fiancé Dennis come on as a "business manager," MTO News has confirmed.

Dennis main job was as the CEO of Atlanta's Hot Dog Factory. But MTO News has confirmed that Dennis is stepping down from that role, to focus on Porsha.

Dennis announced that he's stepping down yesterday on Twitter. Here's what he said on social media:

Jan 1 Ill be introducing the new CEO at @theoriginalhotdogfactory ive taken the company as far as i can with everything on my plate!

I’m fortunate to have a team in place that will get us to 1000 locations & help make franchisees some cash but most importantly continue to serve great #blackowned

Instead of managing hot dogs, Dennis plans on managing business opportunities for Porsha. 

As MTO News has already reported, Porsha has already agreed to invest money in various business ventures with Dennis. 

Now it seems like Dennis will be investing his time and skills into cultivating business opportunities for his future wife.

Dennis is expected to continue on with his various other ventures.