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Porsha Williams from the Real Housewives of Atlanta gave birth to her first child, a daughter named Pilar, just last month.

And already Porsha's body has snapped back.

The Atlanta Housewife has been exercising regularly and breastfeeding. Unlike most celebrities, she did not undergo any plastic surgery to regain her pre-pregnancy shape.

And while Porsha's body isn't all the way back to pre-pregnancy size, she's 90% of the way there.

Porsha unveiled her snapback body on a girls night out with her friend, and fellow housewife Cynthia Bailey.

Here's the snapback:

Porsha and her fiancé Dennis are starring in a baby special show for Bravo - which airs in a few weeks.

The show, which is widely anticipated by Atlanta Housewife watchers, shows some of the conflict in Porsha and Dennis' relationship. Most of their conflict seems to surround money, and the question of who pays what bills in their household.

Still adjusting to having a baby in the house can tire out even the most adaptable of parents — and the McKinleys are no exception. On April 17, Porsha posted a photo of Dennis passed out, clutching Pilar's pillow. "Um sir that is [Pilar's]," Porsha captioned her photo, adding the telling hashtags: "#PoThang, #NewDad, #Exhausted, #GoodPapa, and #HeGoneGetMe." Hey, he's entitled to catch some z's whenever he can as a new dad!