Porsha Williams' engagement to her babys father Dennis McKinley is back on, MTO News can confirm.

Last month, the Atlanta Housewife abruptly cancelled her engagement to her babys father, and she removed her engagement ring.

But with the help of therapy, Porsha has decided to give her babys father another chance.

Neither Porsha nor Dennis have spoken out about exactly what caused them to end their engagement. But rumors online suggested that Porsha may have caught Dennis cheating with another woman.

Porsha had a speaking engagement yesterday - and had a lot to say. The beauty went on stage, and in a self reflecting moment - she spilled her own tea.

She explained to the crowd, "I had to ask myself, what am I doing in this relationship [with Dennis]." She added that , "My fear of being married again was making me become the Porsha that I was before, and I don't want that."

During the same talk, Porsha revealed that she is determined not to allow herself give up on love. The Atlanta housewife admitted that she went to a therapist and now has seen the light.

After hours of therapy, Porsha now feels like she's ready to give Dennis another chance. According to Porsha, she doesn't want to "lose out of any blessings the Lord has for her".

The Atlanta housewife is committed to having a full life with a husband and a kid and a career.