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Porsha Williams from the Atlanta Housewives is suffering from hair loss - especially around her edges.

And the cause of Porsha's hairloss may be two fold. First off, Porsha gave birth to her first child a little more than four months ago and may be suffering from post-partum hair loss.

Second, Porsha has been increasingly wearing lacefront wigs glued to the front of her scalp. Over time, use of lacefronts damages the hair around a woman's edges.

Heres' video of Porsha's bald spot

Luckily for Porsha - her hair loss is most likely temporary. Here's what a popular medical blog says about postpartum hair loss:

Postpartum hair loss commonly starts at around three months after birth. The amount of time between childbirth and the onset of shedding corresponds to the length of the resting phase of hair growth (between 1 and 6 months, with an average of three months). The hair loss can seem more extreme if your hair grew much more than normal during pregnancy, or if you have long hair. Most women will return to their usual hair growth cycle within six months, or between 6 and 12 months after birth.