Porsha from the Atlanta Housewives' due date is quickly approaching. The beautiful Housewife's due date is just 10 days away, and Porsha has decided to give the baby as much tummy time as possible.

Last week there were rumors that Porsha planned to have a c-section and deliver her daughter early. But Porsha and Dennis decided to let the little bun in the oven cook to completion.

“The Real Housewives of Atlanta” star on Monday uploaded ultrasound footage to her Instagram page confirming she’s still pregnant and her baby continues to grow. She also took the time to introduce the little one affectionately nicknamed PJ to her online community of aunts and uncles, aka Williams’ Instagram followers.

Now it appears that Porsha is going for a vagin*l birth, on or around her due date. She went on Instagram to show off her 9 month along bump. Surprisingly the 38 year old Housewife seemed happy and light on her feet.

Typically women who are in their 9th month are tired and sluggish.

Here's the video she posted on her Instagram:

“#BabyPJ meet your Insta aunties & uncles ❤️ A little over 7pounds 2oz so far🎀👶🏽 #StillBaking #3rdTrimester #DaddyDennis #MuvaP,” Williams captioned the March 11 post.

In the video, Williams’ fiancé Dennis McKinley had a little trouble determining that the image on the screen was PJ’s head.

“Oh! I just seen something! Oh, wow!” McKinley exclaims.

The doctor is heard in the background explaining the baby’s face is showing and her hands are up by her face.

“Look at her nose!” Williams exclaims. “Look at you!”

Fans soon went wild over the preview of Williams’ new baby with McKinley.