Porsha Williams and Nene Leakes are set to go head to head at the Real Housewives of Atlanta reunion show, which tapes this Thursday and Friday.

But Porsha is demanding that Bravo provide extra security, to keep Nene away from her. Porsha is nine months pregnant, and set to give birth on Saturday - one day after the reunion tapes.

On the last episode of the Atlanta Housewives, Nene attacked a Bravo cameraman - and nearly knocked over Porsha during the melee.

As seen during the episode, Leakes went ballistic on Williams and Burruss after the two entered her closet on their own accord after she told them to stay out as it was "not together."

As they went in and, based on the accompanying audio, began complimenting her things in the mysterious room, Leakes appeared to become more and more irate, with her eventually getting out of her seat and lunging at a cameraman who was making his way into the off-limits space.

Porsha wants to make sure that she doesn't get caught in the middle of Nene's violent outbursts while she's pregnant and vulnerable.

One of Porsha's friends told MTO News, "Porsha is worried that Nene could hurt her. Not that Nene would physically harm Porsha on purpose, but Nene is a big ole Moose. And when a moose goes on a rampage anything can happen."

According to Porsha's friend, Porsha has asked for and received two extra security personnel who will make sure she stays safe.