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Atlanta Housewife Porsha & Her Sister Get Matching Facelifts!! (Pics)

Porsha Williams and her sister Lauren share an incredible sisterly bond — and to that end, the sisters recently went to a plastic surgeon and got new faces together. 

First Porsha went to the surgeon, and got her face done. Then, Lauren Williams stopped by the offices of Atlanta's Doctor Thuy Doan, and got some new cheeks and a new chin.

"Lauren Williams... came in to get injected by me," the doc spilled on her Instagram feed. "Porsha told her, 'You HAVE to see Dr. Doan! She knows where to give you back the light reflection and balance out your face!'" So, the doctor picked her her needles and aimed to do just that.

Lauren the described what the doctor did to Porsha's sister: "Cheeks + chin by me. [Lauren] had a very good chin to start with but I did little tweaks to [centralize] the light reflection." She added: "If I ever recommended chin to you, its for good reason. Balance."

Porsha explained what the doctor did to her face, with much less specificity: "Balance is a necessity in every area of my life. So I love how [Doctor Doan] is able to balance and highlight the natural features of my face. Her minimalist approach is the best."

And when Porsha commented: "You look gorgeous," Lauren complimented her right back. "Thank you for sharing your dna with me."

Here's Lauren's new face:

And here's Porsha's:

This is what they used to look like: