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Porsha Williams from the Real Housewives of Atlanta landed her own spin-off show on Bravo, MTO News has learned. The show will feature Porsha and Dennis and will follow them and the lead up to Porsha giving birth to her baby.

According to an insider at the network, the show is being called a "baby special", but will have as many as five episodes.

They already filmed the first episode of Porsha's new show this weekend, where Porsha had an all-white baby shower, and invited all the housewives - including some old cast members. The one housewife who did NOT attend, and wasn't invited was Nene.

Madame Noir reported that, "Baby PJ is scheduled to make her entrance any day now, as The Real Housewives of Atlanta star Porsha Williams prepares to enter the next chapter of motherhood.

On Sunday Williams, soon to be Mrs. McKinley, reportedly hosted an all-white baby shower with her fiancé Dennis, according to The Jasmine Brand. Williams teased the event by posting a few photos of her and her bae, with the hashtag #BabyShowerDay."

Here are some pics of the ladies getting ready for the event. Bravo did not allow anyone to post from inside the event.


So what does this new "spin off" show mean for Porsha's future on the Real Housewives of Atlanta? Nothing, according to our snitch at Bravo.

The snitch told MTO News, "Porsha is not planning on leaving the [Atlanta] Housewives. But if her show ratings are great, who knows."