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Atlanta Housewife Porsha and her fiancé/babys father Dennis have been fighting - Porsha wants him to pay rent while he stays in her home. And Dennis believes that it's unfair.

 Dennis and Porsha moved in together last fall. Dennis decided to sell his Atlanta condo, and move into Porsha's home. And up until a few months ago, he wasn't putting any money towards the household expenses.

For months, MTO News is hearing, Dennis was living in her home "rent-free". Finally, two months ago, Porsha tried to get Dennis to pay rent - and that started a very bitter argument.

Porsha attempted to get her soon-to-be babys father to sign a rental agreement, where he was obligated to pay half the homes expenses. But according to one of Porsha's pals, Dennis was REFUSING TO DO SO.

Porsha's pal explained, "Dennis didn't think it was fair. He ended up not signing any paperwork, but now he gives some money towards their household. Porsha still pays for like 90% of things. But he contributes a little bit."

Here's a video of the two fighting - as will be seen on Porsha's new baby special - which airs on Bravo:

Porsha and Dennis recently welcomed a baby into the world - daughter Pilar. The two are scheduled to wed next year.

Still adjusting to having a baby in the house can tire out even the most adaptable of parents — and the McKinleys are no exception. On April 17, Porsha posted a photo of Dennis passed out, clutching Pilar's pillow. "Um sir that is [Pilar's]," Porsha captioned her photo, adding the telling hashtags: "#PoThang, #NewDad, #Exhausted, #GoodPapa, and #HeGoneGetMe." Hey, he's entitled to catch some z's whenever he can as a new dad!