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Former Atlanta housewife Phaedra Parks' new boyfriend is being exposed on social media.

Last month, Phaedra introduced the world to her new boyfriend, Chicago radio personality, Tone Kapone. The two had been seeing each other for a few months, and on New Years they decided to make things official.

Here are pics of the lovely couple together - and Tone claiming Phaedra as his girlfriend:

The two seemed to make a perfect couple - until Dallas radio personality Claudia Jordan came in and blew things up.

Claudia knows Tone, and she she decided to put his business out there in the streets.

Claudia claims that just a few days before Tone took the above pic with Phaedra, he was telling one of his other girlfriends how much he loved them.


After catching wind of the shady comment, Tone Kapone uploaded a cute picture of him and the former ‘RHOA’ star alongside a caption that made the statement: “Not For Everybody Just for Her.”

Phaedra then followed with a photo of herself posted to her page along with a caption that read: “What he said ”

Jordan then posted her own response which was a gif of a baseball player sarcastically clapping his hands.

Fans argued that Claudia deserved the negative attention she was getting.

Claudia, who was also on the Atlanta Housewives, suspects that Tone is only dating Phaedra to get on the Bravo reality show.

Phaedra was fired form the Atlanta Housewives two years ago, but MTO spoke with MULTIPLE sources at Bravo who tell us that they are working to bring her back next season.