Phaedra from the Atlanta Housewives has a new boyfriend, Chicago's WGCI radio personality Tone Kapone.

Phaedra, who prides herself on being a Southern Belle and a Christian lady, had not dated since her marriage to Apollo ended 3 years ago.

But it looks like the former Atlanta housewife is not only ready to date - but to do so publicly.

Yesterday Phaedra released info on her new man - along with a heart photo.

Anthony "Tone Kapone" Mays is radio personality that many call "The Voice" of Chicago. The Southern Illinois alumnus holds a bachelor degree in Mass Communications and is also a proud member of the prestigious Greek fraternal organization - Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity. 

Tone started his career as an intern at Power 92 in Chicago, and was quickly promoted to an on-air talent for the weekend segment "The Hot Boy:" co-hosted with Shagg Nice. At that point in his career — Tone believed his talents were limited by a style he refers to as "Cookie cutter radio," and crafted a new style that allowed him to express his true opinions about various issues on major market broadcast radio. 

In 2015, iHeart Media Chicago- 107.5 WGCI FM hired the thought-provoking/ popular radio host for their PM Drive tlmeslot, which has now been branded as "Live with Tone Kapone"- on the air weekdays from 2:00pm to 6:00pm/CST.