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Nene Leakes and Gregg Leakes separated - at least they were separated four months ago. Nene admits as much on tomorrow's episode of the Real Housewives Of Atlanta.

Gregg Leakes is currently battling late stage colon cancer. He's fighting the fight of his life, and Nene is now being criticized for walking out on her husband when he needs her the most.

But Nene claims that Gregg is being very "mean" to her, which may be a result of his many cancer treatments.

In the clip, which airs tomorrow night at 8PM on Bravo, Nene tells Cynthia that she and Gregg have decided to separate, and that her cancer stricken husband will move out of their mansion, and find a home to rent.

Here's the clip:

If the couple ends up getting a divorce (for the second) Gregg may end up in worse shape than ever.

MTO News confirmed that Gregg signed a prenuptial agreement when the two re-married. Under the terms of the new pre-nup, Gregg receives nothing but the clothes on his back if they divorce.

The good news for Gregg is that the cancer treatments seem to be working. He's looking better and better on social media.

The cast of the Real Housewives of Atlanta gathered last week to tape the Season 11 reunion, and according to insiders, everyone ganged up on star NeNe Leakes for publicly threatening to divorce her husband, Gregg. As fans know, Gregg is battling cancer, and the RHOA cast was not happy about NeNe’s public slam.

Radar Online is reporting that everyone in the RHOA cast spoke up about NeNe’s threat of divorce if Gregg didn’t stop acting “evil.” An insider says that Marlo Hampton was “very aggressive,” and told NeNe that “she’s a bad friend and wife.” She also accused NeNe of being “straight-up mean to Gregg.”