Atlanta Housewife NENE Unveils NEW FACE . . . She's UNRECOGNIZABLE!!

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NeNe Leakes of the Atlanta Housewife got new facial plastic surgery - and now she looks like a completely different person. MTO News caught up with Nene yesterday - and we were stunned by her new face.

NeNe was in Atlanta yesterday at the release party for Rasheeda's new Old Lady Gang clothing line. And Nene looked so different, that many people there did NOT recognize her.

It's not clear exactly what procedure she had done - but the procedure altered her facial structure.

We spoke to one of NeNe's former friends, who told us, "I don't know what she did to her face. It doesn't look bad. I just don't know who that person is."

But before you criticize her - remember NeNe is currently going through a lot. MTO News learned that her husband Gregg's health recently took a turn for the worse. He's still recovering, but he recently had a setback.