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MTO News got some explosive tea - Nene Leakes attempted to put hands on fellow cast member Shamari Devoe, when Shamari was drunk.

It all popped off during the same scene where Marlo attacked a Bravo cameraman - the one that Nene got suspended over.

Early reports on that incident said that Nene was fighting her friend Marlo Hampton immediately before she snapped on the cameraman. Well, MTO News spoke with one of the Housewives - who she spilled all the tea - Nene was actually fighting Shamari.

According to the current Housewife, who asked to remain anonymous, Nene was arguing with Marlo early in the evening, but she was trying to put hands on new cast member Shamari Devoe in the scene that we've all seen.

Here's the video of Nene attacking the cameraman, so that she could put hands on someone.

The housewife told MTO News, "Nene wasn't trying to fight Marlo, she was trying to fight Shamari."

The reality star continued, "Shamari got really drunk that night because she's an alcoholic. She asked to go to the bathroom to throw up. But instead of going into the bathroom she went into Nene's closet."

The informant continued, "Nene saw Shamari going to throw up in her closet and went to beat the brakes off of her. Luckily that cameraman was there, because it was about to go down."

As MTO News reported, Nene was suspended for one show - and lost $200,000 in salary - for her violent outburst.