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Nene Leakes from Bravo's Real Housewives Of Atlanta will resume filming this weekend, multiple sources have confirmed with MTO News.

Nene had been unofficially "suspended" by the network, after an altercation with a cameraman last season. There were rumors that Nene may have to sit out as long as half the season.

Well she ended up missing just a few weeks of filming.

According to our snitches in production, all o the Atlanta Housewives are flying to New York, to take part in the GIANT Pride festival. The ladies actually have their own FLOAT at the gay pride parade.

And of course Bravo cameras will be there to film everything.

Here are pics of Kenya Moore, the newest Atlanta Housewife, she's already in NYC:

And as for Nene's salary, she's expected to make the same as she did last year - approximately $5,000,000.

Leakes, 51, tweeted a query to fans recently about catching a “husband/boyfriend” talking to “female employees” without relaying that information to their partner first. She added in the supposedly imagined schematic that the man in question claims the woman is strictly a “friend.”

“Did he cross any lines?” Leakes wondered. “He said, we never talked sex! I just needed some1 to talk 2.”

Despite a disclaimer from the Bravo TV personality that she was “askin 4 a friend,” fans couldn’t help but wonder if the scenario was about her own husband, Gregg Leakes.

”What the hell goin on?” one fan questioned in a reply tweet.

“Sounds like a storyline for ratings,” another tweeted.

”seems that will be your storyline for the next season of #RHOA,” a third speculated.

Leakes didn’t address fans worries that Gregg, whom Leakes struggled to maintain a relationship with amid his battle with cancer last season, had strayed from their marriage. The actress/reality star previously said she was considering divorcing her husband, though they’re still together.