Nene Leakes spent Valentine's Day in Los Angeles, while her husband Gregg spent the holiday by himself in Atlanta, MTO News has learned.

Nene and her husband Gregg have been going through a difficult patch in their marriage, and it couldn't have come at a worse time for Gregg.

Gregg is currently fighting late stage colon cancer, and he's doing everything that he can to stay alive.

And while Nene is supporting Gregg, she's also complained that she feels "trapped" in their marriage. The Atlanta Housewife has also spoken out openly about getting a divorce.

Now MTO News has more tea, that doesn't look good for the future of Nene and Gregg's marriage. According to multiple sources, we've learned that Nene was in Los Angeles for Valentines' Day. Her husband Gregg was thousands of miles away in Atlanta.

And some of Nene's friends are wondering if the two have officially separated. The insider explained, "If [Nene] hasn't left [Gregg] already, she will soon." The tipster added, "I think if Gregg was cancer-free, Nene would have left."

But of course on the PR front Nene had something different to say publicly...The Bravo blog read that, "For anyone with anything negative to say about her relationship, Nene silenced the haters and showed that she's standing by her man with a recent post on Instagram that features a photo of her with her arm around Gregg. "People think they know but they have no idea," she captioned the post, which also included "#ourbusiness" and "#20plusyears."

We'll just have to wait and see what happens...