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Nene Leakes is showing just how cold blooded she can be - the Atlanta Housewife dropped her cancer stricken husband off at the hospital for surgery - and left him there alone.

Gregg had to prepare for the possibly life threatening surgery BY HIMSELF, and he had no one with him as they rolled him into the operating room.

Gregg has late stage colon cancer, and recently underwent surgery to remove a large portion of his colon. He had to prepare for the surgery by himself.

So why did Nene decide that she didn't want to stay? Well she told her sick husband that she needed to go and "organize her store." Note that she called it "her" store and not their store.

The entire conversation played out for the Real Housewives of Atlanta cameras. In the scene Gregg asks her what she's going through - that was so important that she had to leave him alone for the surgery. But Nene deflects and just says "things."

Gregg appeared to need more of an explanation, and refused to give up as he asked repeatedly, "What type of things?"

In the scene, Nene continued to ignore Gregg, and eventually left him to go to the operation by himself.

Then, on Sunday's all new episode of The Real Housewives of Atlanta, NeNe was holding back as the other Housewives celebrated Eva Marcille's bachelorette party in Japan, having not spoken to her husband since traveling overseas.

When asked about her state of mind by friend Cynthia Bailey, NeNe broke down in tears explaining how the disease was affecting their family.

"I get that he's overwhelmed and he's scared, but I am overwhelmed, too," she said "It's a lot for me. I don't ever get this emotional about things, but this is making me emotional. It really is because Gregg and me -- we been tight for a long time. It just sucks. I'm so serious, I never get this upset about stuff."

"The fact that him and me barely talk — I feel like we're going back the same way we came," she said, starting to sob. "We gonna be breaking up. It's really hard. I have to be way out here by myself, and I can't talk to him."