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Atlanta Housewife NeNe Leakes Is Being STALKED . . . And Were Got All The Details!!


MTO News learned that NeNe Leakes was being "stalked" and harassed - and she's gotten the police involved. According to multiple sources close to the leading Atlanta Housewife, NeNe has been stalked by an unknown man - and she believes that her life may be in danger.

NeNe hired 24 hour security, made up of off duty police officers and private investigators, to catch the stalker. And last night, she finally got a break in the case.

NeNe and her husband went out to the Waffle House for dinner, and the stalker followed them. But this time, her security managed to catch the stalkers license plate and other information. Nene spoke out on Live, “Gon’ be pressin’ charges on some people. Literally being harassed and stalked. Finally, my detective found information. Yes, yes."

Nene said somene was following her at Waffle House. She was with her husband and their son Brent.

“You know, we keep a stalker,” It’s so sad to be a stalker with no life. But the detective clocked his number.”

NeNe also added that her number was “being tapped anyway,” and said she’d call a police officer in the morning.

“I think we got the person, I think we got him."

Here's NeNe confirming that she hired a private investigator to find out who was stalking and harassing her:

And at the 5:14 mark you can hear that the stalker pops up at the Waffle House: