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Real Housewives of Atlanta star Nene Leakes fired a brutal and devastating shot at fellow housewife Porsha Williams.

Porsha is in the midst of some drama with her fiancé Dennis McKinley. Rumors of a break-up began circulating two weeks ago when Porsha abruptly unfollowed Dennis on Instagram, and removed her wedding ring. 

Shortly after Porsha removed her ring, uncorroborated reports surfaced online that Dennis was cheating on Porsha. Eventually Dennis spoke out about the rumors, and threatened legal action against the blogs posting them.

So while Porsha is in the midst of a very rumor filled week . . . Nene is firing shots. And it's a not so subtle jab at her rival.

We spoke with one of Nene's close friends who confirmed that Nene was taking shots at Porsha with the below Instagram post. She claims that Nene couldn't specifically name Porsha because of a ceast-and-desist letter.

"Nene couldn't tag Porsha in the post - even though she wanted to - because Porsha has a cease an desist on Nene."

Here's what Nene posted:

Nene and Porsha both sent each other legal cease and desist letters last month after the two ladies had a back-and-forth on Instagram. According to the legal documents, neither Housewife is allowed to mention the other on social media.