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Nene Leakes from the Real Housewives of Atlanta is making a stunning accusation against her castmate, Kenya Moore. According to Nene, Kenya's marriage to Marc Daly is "fake."

In fact, Nene believes that Kenya and Marc aren't really romantically involved, they are just pretending to be in a relationship for the cameras.

In tonight's episode of Bravo's top-rated Real Housewives of Atlanta, Nene makes her explosive accusation.

Nene told the audience, "The few times that I've seen Kenya and Marc together, I've never seen them lovey-dovey. It's always like, he's standing over here and she's standing over there."

Then she dropped the bomb, saying, "It's almost like it's an agreement."

This isn't the first time that Kenya has been accused of paying a man to pose as her love interest, while the Bravo cameras are rolling.

Three seasons ago, Kenya appeared on the RHOA when she was allegedly dating a man named Walter Jackson. Walter owned a car towing business and the pair were fully expected to tie the knot before the season ended.

But it turns out that their relationship was all fake for cameras. 

Walter later told the media that he and Kenya were "never" in a relationship and that he pretended to be her boyfriend so that his businesses could get exposure.