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In the new after-show for the Real Housewives Of Atlanta, Nene tried to explain to Marlo how she slept with Gregg and did sexual things with him while he was wearing a colostomy bag -  and she says she couldn't take it anymore.

Nene's husband Gregg had a colostomy bag for weeks, after a large part of his colon was removed. Gregg is fighting for his life, after being diagnosed with late stage colon cancer.

And many viewers are saying that Nene is being extremely insensitive to her sick husband.

Nene told the cameras that since being diagnosed with his illness, she and Gregg were just co-existing in the same house. 

Then she talked about what it was like, to sleep in the same bed with Gregg while he was wearing a colostomy bag. She recalled how she said to herself, "I know I used to like yo ass (Gregg), but do I still like you like that?"

She told the audience that Gregg cried and cried while he had the bag in his body. 

So she took him to the hospital to get the bag removed and left him there to take care of her store. That was in Sept 2018.

Nene's part starts at 3:52.

There has been a lot of controversy surrounding Nene and Gregg's relationship recently. But the housewife of Atlanta's fans are still in her corner. Commenting on a recent Instagram post, they said:

One of NeNe’s supporters wrote ‘@neneleakes it’s hard being a caretaker because people forget about you. However, stand strong and when it gets rough, stop, close your eyes and say, “But God.” He got you and your situation. Sampson !’

Another one of her fans said ‘Hello, sending you love take care of yourself NeNe. I know from my own experience that it’s very difficult. No one ever thought about me. You are a beautiful person. ’

A fan said that they were confident NeNe spent the day with her hubby: ‘Beautiful picture, that’s why some things that appear on social media you shouldn’t entertain. I knew you had spent Valentine’s Day with your husband. I love it and love you all. I’m a big fan of #neneleakes’