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Nene Leakes and her husband Gregg Leakes are fighting, and the reunion show for the Real Housewives of Atlanta is being filmed today.

Nene Leakes arrived at filming early this morning for hair and makeup. She was not with her husband Gregg, who usually accompanies Nene and waits quietly while she gets put together.

MTO News confirmed that Nene was alone when she arrived and that Nene told people that she and Gregg are "fighting."

One insider explained, "Nene was bad mouthing Gregg saying that they are fighting."

The insider continued, "She is going to give it to him during the reunion. I feel bad for Gregg."

Nene's husband Gregg is fighting for his life as he battles late stage colon cancer.

The Atlanta Housewife claims that Gregg has mistreated her - ever since being diagnosed with the deadly disease. She's openly talked about divorcing Gregg because of his cancer-related behavior.

Gregg is expected to arrive at the reunion show later this morning. This is going to be good . . . 

As you know throughout this entire season Nene and Gregg have been having many issues as a result of his cancer diagnosis...

The Bravo blog described the situation as definitely being an emotional time for the Leakes family — including Nene, as well as their sons.

"Well, we go on a roller coaster ride, that's for sure. It's definitely not easy. The moment we found out he had cancer, everything about our life changed," she told The Daily Dish last November. "It was just hard. It's hard on him. It's hard on me. It's hard on our entire family. It's hard being a caretaker. It's hard being a patient. It's a lot of decisions you have to make, so it definitely has not been easy. It's been probably the hardest thing — it really takes over."