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Cynthia Bailey and her boyfriend Mike Hill are expected to announce their engagement in the next few weeks, but fellow housewife Nene Leakes just dropped a bombshell.

Cynthia and her boyfriend, sportscaster Mike Hill, have been telling viewers all season that they will be announcing their engagement soon.

But according to Nene, Cynthia and Mike's relationship s "fake" and more of a business relationship, that a love relationship.

Nene made the explosive allegations yesterday on the daytime talk show The Talk.

During the interview, host Eve asked Nene what she thought about Mike and Cynthia's impending engagement. And Nene started spilling tea.

Nene said of Cynthia's engagement, "I would announce the same thing if I was trying to get another season on the show."

Nene continued, "Everybody has to have a storyline."

Then Sheryl Underwood inquired, "Are you saying [the relationship] is not real?"

And Nene replied, "I'm not saying it's not real. I'm just saying people would do anything for money, honey."


Nene's not the only Atlanta Housewife that doesn't quite believe that Cynthia and Mike are really together. Another Housewife told MTO News anonymously that they wondered whether their relationship was real since, "Cynthia lives in Atlanta and Mike lives in Los Angeles."

Word is that Cynthia plans to announce their engagement next weekend, right before the reunion show airs.

Here's Cynthia and her alleged "fake" boyfriend Mike:

The Bravo blog wrote the following recently about Cynthia and Mike: "This is how I feel about Mike — and we say this all the time about each other — if I can’t make it with Mike Hill, then I’m just meant to be single for the rest of my life because he just gives me a comfortability I just can’t explain," Cynthia shared. "I’m at a point in my life where I’m just really all about peace. I really just want to be happy. I work hard. My personal life just has to be this zen-ful, peaceful place. Honestly, when I see him, when he’s around, when I’m at his place, when he’s at my place, literally the stress just leaves my body. I feel so happy and so calm and so balanced when he’s around. He just knows how to make me feel, it’s like an energy thing. We really are pretty connected."