Yesterday one of Nene's  fans confronted her directly - and accused her of cheating on cancer stricken husband Gregg Leakes. Nene responded to the fan, but refused to confirm or deny the cheating claims.

Nene and her huisband Gregg are going through a lot. Gregg was diagnosed with late stage colon cancer, and he's working with doctors to regain his health.

But Gregg's marriage with Nene is in worse shape than his health. Nene has openly talked about getting a DIVORCE from husband Gregg, even while he's sick.

Last month a blog published what they claim are pictures of Nene hugging and carrying on with another man.  At the time the photos were released, Nene did not commit on the images.

Well yesterday, one of Nene's fans confronted her directly with allegations that Nene "cheated" on Gregg. Nene responded to the fan, but did not address whether or not the allegations were true.

A fan wrote:

"I saw [you] on a blog u hugged up at a concert with another man. [The blog] posted your cheating ass kissing and hugging a new man that's not Gregg. How low down and dirty of u."

 Nene responded as follows - ignoring the salacious allegations:

"You don't know what Gregg has been [like] outside of these cameras! The show shows you what they want you to see."

Another fan asked why she was being disloyal to her husband. Nene responded:

Gregg deserves Loyalty?? Ask him who's loyal in his life??

Here are the receipts: