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Real Housewives of Atlanta stars Nene Leakes and Porsha Williams are fighting, and their argument was exposed today on social media.

Nene sent Porsha some extremely disrespectful text messages, and Porsha shared them with her fans.

Nene claims that Porsha lied about being assaulted by Nene, when Nene has a violent outburst in her closet. The outburst was captured by the Bravo cameras.

And Nene continued in the texts, insulting Porsha for having a bald spot, and being “stupid.”

Nene continued her text message assault, by telling Porsha that her Bravo baby special is a ‘3 episode commercial.”

Nene also said that Porsha, who just gave birth a few days ago has a “bad body and looks like “Miss Piggy.”

"Yes I posted this since you wanna go on live and speak on me yet again & talk about these text I figured I'd let them see for themselves!" Porsha continued, adding the hashtags #FatShamingANewMomShameOnYou #NonsupportiveEdglessbird #IsThisYourQueen.

Read the full argument here:


NeNe later posted and deleted a screenshot of her own, which shows a text she allegedly sent to Porsha on March 22 after she gave birth.

"Today your life changed! Congratulations! No matter where we are in our relationship, being a mother is a true blessing and only women can bring life into the world!" NeNe's text read. "That day in Destin Fl when you said 'you might be pregnant' i was genuinely happy for you then and now."

"Hey, sorry just getting back to you," a reply, allegedly form Porsha, read. "We got home from hospital a day ago and we been adjusting to being home. Baby Pilar is so precious she has been doing so well! My mom kept her downstairs for us so we could rest and I feel like a million bucks lol I'm stull just taking it super easy cuz I had a c section but other than that we are great! Thank you for checking in and yes I do know you genuinely cared thank you."