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Nene Leakes of the Atlanta Housewives is wanted for questioning by Atlanta police, for allegedly assaulting a fan inside of Hartsfield–Jackson Atlanta International Airport, MTO News has exclusively learned.

And unfortunately for Nene - the alleged assault was captured on camera.

In the below video, you can see a fan attempting to film Nene, as she walked through the airport.

The Atlanta Housewife didn't seem to be in the mood for filming - and so she lashed out and slapped the camera out of the fan's hand. While doing so, it appears that she made made physical contact with the fan.

Under Georgia law - that could be a crime. MTO News confirmed that the Atlanta police have been notified of this incident - and Nene is wanted for questioning. It's not yet clear whether she is facing any criminal charges.

Here's the video of Nene appearing to slap the fan:

Four months ago, Cardi B's Migos rapper Offset did the same thing - to a fan in Georgia. Here's THAT video:

The teen filed a police report against Offset, and the rapper is now facing felony charges in Georgia over the incident.