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Podcaster B Scott is claiming that he has "tea" that Real Housewives Of Atlanta star Nene Leakes was at the strip club in Miami, getting freaky with strippers while her husband Gregg was home recovering from cancer.

Gregg is currently in a fight for his life - against colon cancer. Nene has been by his side for the entire fight, and that's why the allegations against her are so surprising.

B Scott made the explosive allegations on his podcast. He claims that he ran into Nene and Andy Cohen at a gay club in Miami during New Years.

B Scott talks about how he and Nene got into an argument at the club. Then after explaining their argument, B Scott makes the crazy allegation - as a threat to Nene.

While he didn't specifically mention her name, it's clear that he's talking about Nene. 

Here is what he said:

B Scott: There's some other tea, that could shake some sh*t up. I found that out the next night, when I randomly decided to go to the strip club. The next day I was at a strip club in Miami named Eleven. . . I went up in there and I observed some things.

Cohost: Who did you see? You can't say who you saw?

B Scott: I'm just saying that I observed some things, so people better play nice.

Cohost: Somebody's husband was on the 'Gram talking about pray for myself and family and my wife, so.

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