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Nene Leakes from the Real Housewives of Atlanta accused her husband Gregg of cheating. The accusations were caught by Bravo cameras, but "cut" from the final version of the show.

Nene made her startling accusations during a game of Truth Or Dare, while on a bus trip with the other housewives. Nene told the ladies that Gregg was unfaithful during their marriage. Nene claims that Gregg is a terrible communicator - and so it took years for them to work through the infidelity.

But is Greg's infidelity a PAST problem? 

Nene recently made some comments on social media that have some wondering whether Gregg is back to his cheating ways. In a back and forth with a fan, Nene suggested that Gregg did "something" wrong to her.

Nene told the fan, "Gregg did so much sh*t . . . ask him what he has done. Greg isn't bed stricken and needing daily help."

Here's the back and forth:


Nene's husband Gregg is suffering from Stage 3 colon cancer. He's decided to NOT undergo chemotherapy treatments, even though doctors have located cells that could be cancerous in his body.

Gregg needs everyone's prayers and help as he goes through this difficult tome.

Here is the video of Nene making the accusations:


And yesterday Nene seemed to suggest that her cancer-stricken husband may still be up to no good. Here's an exchange with one of her fans: