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Real Housewives Of Atlanta star Marlo Hampton is fighting back against rumors that she is (or was) a high class prostitute. And Marlo is challenging her accusers to show "evidence" that she was h*eing.

Marlo spoke about how damaging the "prostitute" rumors have been to her reputation.

Here's what she wrote on her Blog:

I’ve endured so many nasty LIES about me in this group of women, I date old white men, I’m a prostitute, NO — What I am is a single woman that dates men that I’m attracted to of any color!

The white billionaire they love to mention was my boyfriend for over 4 years, he courted me for 6 months while I ran my store the Red Carpet Boutique, we were in love, it didn’t work out, he broke my heart.

Please give me a receipt, a picture, a screen shot of me being a Ho, Prostitute, Escort… I’ve been waiting for 6 years, seriously, show it! 

So if Marlo doesn't sell her body for money, how does she pay for all those expensive clothes?

Well according to recent reports, Marlo is a designer. She recently an accessories brand called Arie and Emma, which is named after her grandmother and mother, respectively, that will include sunglasses and jewelry.