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Was Marlo Hampton stealing on last night's episode of the Real Housewives of Atlanta? Probably not - but folks on Twitter believe that she was.

Marlo has always been a bit of an enigma. The beautiful housewife does not have a job, or any discernible income, but she always seems to have expensive clothes.

And so there have been rumors for years - speculating as to how Marlo gets those expensive clothes.

On last night's episode, the Housewives were shopping at a boutique store in Greece. But Marlo's shopping seemed a bit odd.

Marlo seemed to be placing then items she wanted into a shopping bag and many on Twitter believe the cameras actually showed her "boosting" or stealing the items from the store.

Perhaps it's just a matter of production editing, but Marlo and Nene were also whispering to each other - as Marlo placed the items clothing into her shopping bag therefore making them look even more suspicious.

Many on social media believe the video from yesterday's Real Housewives of Atlanta, shows Marlo stealing from the store and may provide an explanation as to how she comes about her expensive clothes.