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Kim Zolciak-Biermann from the Real Housewives of Atlanta overdid it with the lip fillers and her top lip has "exploded."

Kim, whose new show Don't Be Tardy premieres tonight on Bravo, just released pics of her new upper lip, and it is gigantic.

Her lip is actually so big that it looks like it hurts.

And there's more. According to a producer at Bravo - Kim is having difficulty talking with such a giant lip.


It's not clear whether Kim intentionally inflated her top lip to that size - to get publicity for her new show, or whether it swelled from some type of reaction to the lip fillers.

But we'll definitely get a chance to watch Kim struggle talk. She's scheduled to appear on Andy Cohen's talk show Watch What's Happening Live tonight, after her show.

Kim joined the cast of the Real Housewives Of Atlanta in 2008, and remained on the show for 8 seasons. Eventually she received her own spin-off show entitled Don't Be Tardy for the Party, which focuses on her family life with ex-football player husband Kroy Biermann

The reality star opened up about her negative experience with filming the RHOA show last year, and even admitted to not watching it on TV when she gets a chance. “F**k no,” she told OK! in an interview. “I do not [keep up with the show at all]. No. Last year was enough for me to handle. I will never go back to Housewives again.”