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Kim Zolciak from the Atlanta Housewives has undergone dozens of plastic surgery operations. Her latest operation, was getting a brand new butt.

Kim recently made news when she showed off her new lips - which were gigantic. At the time, folks on social media criticized the mother of 7 for "destroying" her face.

Well now Kim's decided to enhance her butt. Kim has undergone butt shots in the past - but she got a second round of shots over the winter break.

Here are the pics of her new and improved butt:

Kim has been open about her surgeries. In fact, two years ago when she got her first round of butt shots, she actually Livestreamed the procedure.

Here are pics of her getting her first round of injections:


The Don’t Be Tardy star has been open about getting lip injections done over the years and admits currently, they’re on the bigger side. “They do look large and in charge, but I love them, I do,” she said. “I’m totally happy with them.”

But Zolciak-Biermann does note that the amount of filler she decides to get fluctuates depending on her mood at the time. “I go through phases where I’ll have them dissolve a little bit. I’m cool with it actually, I just really love them so I don’t really care what people think,” the Bravo star said.

While the reality star chooses to block people that write hateful comments on her Instagram, Zolciak-Biermann said 21-year-old daughter Brielle Biermann, who’s also been called out for her lip injections, sometimes interacts with the haters.