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Former Real Housewives of Atlanta star Kim Zolciak is under fire - for posting an explicit pic of her 5-year-old daughter on Instagram.

Kim posted a pic of 5-year-old Kai, riding her scooter with her pants down. Her butt is showing in the pic, but the image is blurred.

Kim posted this caption on the pic:

Well.. @kaiabiermann is out here enjoying her new skooter! 🙈🙈 😂😂 #LIVINGHERBESTLIFE

And while Kim thought the pic was a joke - her fans didn't find it funny. Many were very upset with Kim showing such a graphic pic of her daughter on social media.

Here is the pic - which is censored to hide any nudity


Here are some of the outraged comments from Kim's page:

Why is her bum hanging out? Inappropriate

 it's the content that is disturbing. No different if it was the front of her that was blurred out. Its inappropriate in this day & age with the internet. Too many sickos out there

Where are her panties my god kim

Kim your going to far that is crossing the line putting a picture like that on social media that is a family only pic what’s wrong with you

So unnecessary to be post this. @kimzolciakbiermann there are things that should just be kept as a memory, for your eyes only. Then people wonder why their daughters end up a certain way 🙄🙄