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Kim Zolciak was kicked off a Delta flight to Atlanta yesterday, because her kids were "misbehaving".

An airline employee contended that Kim's children were "misbehaving" and they did not allow the family to get on the flight - according to Kim's daughter Brielle.

Kim and her family were attempting to return home to Atlanta, but they had some sort of a mishap at the gate. During the mishap, two of Kim's children began crying - and Delta "tossed" the entire family from the plane.

The former Atlanta Housewife called police after the incident. It's not clear what crime Kim believes that the Delta employee committed.

But as soon as Kim's fans learned WHY they were kicked off the plane, many were NOT very sympathetic.

Here's how Kim's kids are portrayed on her Bravo hit show Don't Be Tardy:

Here's Kim and Brielle's side of things:


Unfortunately for Kim, many of her fans didn't seem too upset about it. The angered fans called Kim's kids "entitled" and "brats."



Brielle, 22, and her mom Kim Zolciak, 41, recently received huge raises to continue on the family’s Bravo reality show Don’t Be Tardy.

The plastic surgery loving mother-daughter-duo are earning big bucks as filming for their family centered reality show began in Atlanta on June 10, Radar learned. Brielle, who decided to skip college after her high school graduation, got a hefty raise to $18,000 per episode for season 8, for a total of $216,000. Her famous blonde mom, who previously left The Real Housewives of Atlanta, is now earning $1.8 million for the new Don’t Be Tardy season, an insider claimed.