Atlanta Housewife KENYA MOORE Wins . . . E! Network Gives Her NEW SHOW!!

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Kenya Moore was FIRED from the Atlanta Housewives, now she has a new show on The E! Network, MTO News has confirmed. An insider at the network told us that Kenya and her husband Marc are getting a "baby show" on the Kardashian network.

The insider explained, "Kenya and Marc signed on for a two part 'special'. If the ratings are good - they'll get a full season."

And there's more good news for Kenya. We're told that E! plans on paying her A LOT for the special. The insider continued, "She's probably going to make as much for the two part special, as she would have made for a full season of Housewives."

Congrats to Kenya, for getting her own show.

It seems that just as Bravo was considering bringing Kenya back to RHOA, she stepped up and secured the bag for another network. 

We previously reported that

According to our MTO snitch, the production team sent over to BRAVO executives an early screening of footage from the new season of the Atlanta Housewives - and Bravo is NOT HAPPY with what they saw.

One person close to the network told MTO News, "Their was no real action. Aside from Marlo and Kandi/Todd, everyone was boring." The insider claims that the Bravo team has now RE-ENGAGED representatives of Kenya Moore to see if they can convince her to RETURN TO THE SHOW.

Will you be tuning in to Kenya's new show?