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Kenya Moore, the former Real Housewives of Atlanta star, has been caught "lying" about her daughter's birth date. 

She's being accused of lying about the baby's age - in an attempt to upstage the premiere of this season's Atlanta Housewives show on Bravo.

Kenya was fired from the hit Bravo show last season, and now some on social media are accusing her of trying to sabotage the ratings of her former show.

Kenya's lie was discovered yesterday, when she posted a video of her infant daughter, Brooklyn Doris Daly. Kenya announced in the video, dated January 27, that Doris turned 3-months-old.

Kenya Moore says, “We’re three months today. Hi cutie. Say three months.” Here's the video:

That should mean that Brooklyn's birthday is October 27, right?

Well that's not what Kenya said. 

On November 3rd - which would have been a week after Brooklyn was born - Kenya posted this post, suggesting that she was in labor.

And she announced that Brooklyn was born the very next day, November 4th - suggesting that was her birthday with this post:

So why would Kenya Moore lie about her daughter's birth date? Well because November 4th - the date she claimed was Brooklyn's birth date - was the day that Season 11 of the Real Housewives of Atlanta premiered on Bravo.

It appears that Kenya was hoping to upstage the premiere of the Bravo show, by announcing her baby's birth on the same day.