Atlanta Housewife Kenya Moore ARGUES With Husband . . . Over Baby Shower!! (VIDEO)

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Kenya Moore and her husband Marc had a low key ARGUMENT online yesterday - as the couple filmed the planning of Kenya's upcoming baby shower. There was a lot of passive aggressive SHADE being thrown back and forth in the video - and Kenya seemed "annoyed" with her new husband.

There have been reports that Kenya and her husband are having a strain in their marriage - ever since Kenya was released from the cast of the Atlanta Housewives. But Kenya and Marc recently sign on for a "baby special" on the E! Network.

In yesterday's video, Kenya and Marc are seen planning Kenya's baby shower. In the video, Marc consistently asks Kenya to have parts of HIS life in KENYA'S shower. Kenya appears to be ANNOYED with Marc's requests - and with his condescending attitude.

One commentator put it:

He sounds like he is really checked out of the relationship. And he sounds extra goofy. She seems so annoyed with him. He can't get his way without her approving it. Their relationship seems fake to me still. She didn't even know his grandmother's name. That's crazy. He thinks she is over the top. We all do. 

Here's the video, we warn you it's VERY long:

The 47-year-old former Miss USA hesitated to speak about her pregnancy at first due to her age. "I am still just very nervous about everything so I just want to get past a safe place," she told Andy Cohen