Former Atlanta Housewife Kenya Moore gave birth just four months ago - and already she's back to wearing a bikini.

Kenya leaked some bikini pics yesterday, showing off her amazing snapback.

Of course her snapback wasn't completely natural. MTO News has confirmed that Kenya had a tummy tuck after giving birth.

According to one of Kenya's friends - the reality star was already required to get a cesarian section - because daughter Brooklyn was premature. So she decided to get a tummy tuck at the same time, so that she could recover from both simultaneously.

Well the c-section operation was a success and so was the tummy tuck.

Kenya showed off the benefits of both surgeries on Instagram yesterday. She held daughter Brooklyn in her arms, while flaunting her extra flat stomach.

Brooklynn was born on Sunday, Nov. 4. And just like herself on RHOA, Moore couldn't keep away from the drama when it came to delivering her daughter. 

She revealed to People that she had to have an emergency Cesarean section because she had preeclampsia. Although it was a super scary moment for her, Moore's honesty with fans showed that she was so willing to take them on her journey to becoming a mother — and make other moms feel less alone in the process.