Kandi Burress from the Real Housewives Of Atlanta raised her daughter Riley in a very upscale area in Georgia. Riley received a top education, and was around some of the wealthiest kids in the city.

And so she had a broad racial spectrum of friends - many were Black, but she grew up with friends of all races.

And now that she's dating - she's chosen to date a White guy.

Riley unveiled her new man on Instagram yesterday. And so far her followers seem to approve of her choice.

Here's the pic of the happy young couple:

Riley, who is 17 years old and a senior in high school, is a daughter of Kandi Burruss and entertainment executive Russell "Block" Spencer. Her father runs an agency called Block Entertainment. 

She also has a half-brother Ace Wells Tucker, and a step-sister Kaela. Right now, Riley is studying to become an entertainment lawyer. She's been accepted to New York University and plans on attending next fall.