VH1 is trying to make an Xscape TV movie - but Atlanta Housewife Kandi is trying to BLOCK the production. And a person close to the network believes that Kandi is blocking the movie because she "doesn't want all her past exposed" in the TV movie.

VH1 has been working tirelessly to acquire the rights to the Xscape story - and produce a TV movie on the girl group's life.

And while 3 of the 4 members have already signed on to the TV movie- Kandi Burress is reportedly holding out.

One person close to the group explained to MTO News, "Kandi is playing hardball on business. I don't think it's about money, it's about Kandi not wanting some of her past out there."

What past? Well Kandi is accused of sleeping with the group's manager Jermaine Dupri - and that allegedly led to the breakup of the group.

Also, Xscape group member Tamika Scott claimed in a 2007 interview that Kandi sleeping with Jermaine Dupri's father also.

There are also a bunch of other rumors about Kandi, suggesting she was very s*xually active during the group's heyday.

Despite Kandi's protests, VH1 still seems confident that they can produce the Xscape TV movie. They're already staffing up on the production, and seem to be moving forward.