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Kandi Burress will likely be fired from Bravo's Real Housewives of Atlanta - as executives are furious that she joined the cast of Celebrity Big Brother. 

CBS announced yesterday that Kandi will join the cast of Celebrity Big Brother (along with other celebrities like Tamar Braxton). The announcement came as a surprise to executives at Bravo, MTO News has learned.

And folks are furious with Kandi, not just for choosing to go on another reality show while she's on The Housewives; but for going on a reality show that comes on at the same time as the Housewives.

An awestruck Bravo executive told MTO News, "Big Brother will be running at the same time as Real Housewives of Atlanta. She's directly competing with us." The insider continued, "What the f*ck was she thinking."

And it's true. Celebrity Big Brother starts next week - and while it's a daily show - it runs at the same time as Atlanta Housewives on Sundays. Look:


And it's not just the behind the scenes execs that are upset with Kandi. Last night on WWHL, Andy Cohen gave Kandi the "Jackhole of the Day".

It was the first time in the show's history that a current housewife was given that title.

Folks on Twitter were shocked that Andy did that to Kandi. Many speculate that something could be going on behind the scenes. Look:


We asked the Bravo executive directly if they thought that Kandi would be asked to return to the Real Housewives next season. The exec told MTO News, "Anything is possibly, but I doubt it."