Kandi Buress have asked her 23 year old step-daughter Kayla to leave her room in Kandi's Atlanta home.

And by the look of things, it appears that Kayla will be gone for good.

Kandi currently lives in a massive compound in Atlanta, with two houses on the property. Here's a pic of Kandi's homes.


In last night's episode of the Atlanta housewives, Kandi told Todd that his daughter is 23 and grown, and the new baby needs Kayla's room. 

It was sort of bizarre for Kandi to bring this up, given how huge their compound is. Their main house has seven bedrooms, nine and half bathrooms and even an indoor pool and spa. And they have a guest house.

Couldn't they have allowed Kayla to stay - and give the baby one of the other 4 bedrooms? (Son Ace has one, and daughter Riley have the other 2).


In the same conversation - Kandi offers to give Kayla some money - to help her move out.