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Kandi Burress form the Atlanta Housewives is questioning whether Porsha's fiancé Dennis is the father of Porsha's baby. She will make the shocking allegation on an upcoming episode of the Atlanta Housewives.

Porsha announced on last night's episode of the Atlanta Housewives - that she and her fiancé Dennis are pregnant. The couple are planning their baby's birth in January, according to Entertainment Tonight.

If you do some quick math, that means that Porsha conceived her baby in April on 2018.

Well, that's interesting. Because in next week's episode, Kandi claims that she saw Porsha dating "another man" in May of 2018. Kandi will say:

“You was just with somebody different at Shamea’s birthday party and that was just in May”

MTO News has learned that later in the season, Kandi will continue to imply that Porsha may have "paternity issues" with Dennis.

To Dennis credit, he doesn't seem phased by the speculation that's coming about because of the show. A person close to Porsha told MTO News, "Dennis ain't worried, he's preparing for fatherhood."

Last month we reported that Porsha is is paying her fiancé Dennis half her salary. Dennis convinced the beautiful housewife to give half her salary to him as an "investment." 

According to one of the Atlanta housewives close friends, Porsha gives half her salary to her new fiancé Dennis McKinley who is "investing" the money for her. Porsha's friend explained, "Dennis is supposedly investing Porsha's money for their future. He says he puts the money in businesses. I don't know much about what he's doing"

And Porsha's friend isn't the only one who doesn't know much about Dennis and his business ventures. Recently, the Atlanta Journal did a background check on him, to see if they could understand where Dennis gets his money