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Kandi Burress from the Atlanta Housewives is going viral this morning - after she introduced the audience at the newest performer to join her Welcome To The Dungeon Tour. - named Bolo.

The Dungeon tour is a musical burlesque show. The show has elements of sensuality and soul that created jaw dropping cabaret and variety show performances.

And Bolo is quite the performer. He has the body of a bodybuilder, and is holding an 18 inch . . . well look at the pics.

Ticket sales for Kandi's Dungeon tour jumped after her fans learned about Bolo.

Here are the pics online:

In case you're interested, here are some more pics of Bolo:

Kandi Burress is a College Park, Georgia-bred reality television personality that was once a member of one of the biggest R&B acts of the '90s in Xscape. As one of the four members in the revered female R&B group, Kandi contributed to the collective's three studio albums, all of which went platinum, and was featured on the group's chart-topping singles like "Just Kickin' It," "Understanding," "Who Can I Run To," and more. 

As a solo artist, Kandi Burruss has released two charting studio albums in Hey Kandi... (2000) and Kandi Koated (2010) as well as an EP entitled, Fly Above (2009). Burruss has also earned a Grammy Award for Best Female R&B Song for her writing credits on TLC's biggest single, "No Scrubs." And now, with her name more celebrated than ever, Kandi is back and focused on her musical endeavors as she prepares to embark on a cross-country tour called the Welcome To The Dungeon Tour.