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Kandi gave her husband Todd a "bag" on their anniversary - and we mean that literally. According to one of Kandi's friends, the Atlanta Housewife gave her husband a stack of $50,000 - as an anniversary gift.

Kandi Burress and her husband Todd Tucker celebrated their 5th wedding anniversary yesterday. The couple publicly acknowledged their anniversary on social media, and left loving messages to each other.

Here's what Todd published about Kandi:

Here's Kandi talking about Todd:

And the Atlanta reality star couple's fans flooded their comment sections with congratulations:


But Todd and Kandi celebrated their anniversary privately, exchanging gifts. And while we don't know what Todd gave Kandi - one of Kandi's girlfriends spilled the beans on what she gave her hubby.

The insider told MTO News, "Kandi gave him 50 thousand in cash." The friend explained, "She wanted to make sure that Todd could buy himself whatever he wanted."

This isn't the first major gift that Kandi gave Todd. In 2014, she bought her husband a brand new Corvette sports car as a birthday present.

And MTO News reported last year that Kandi pays her husband a weekly salary, according to a source close to the Atlanta Housewife. Kandi has been battling accusations that her husband Todd is a "kept" man. Well it looks like he is . . . in a way.

According to one of Kandi's former business associates - Kandi pays her husband a weekly salary, and that salary amounts to most of his income. The insider explained, "Kandi got that man [Todd] on payroll, and gives him a W-2 and everything."

Congrats to the happy couple on their engagement, we wish them many more . .