Atlanta Housewife Eva Marcelle In PATERNITY DRAMA . . . Ex Claims . . . He's Her BABY DADDY!! (Maury . . . We Need You)

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On Friday Eva Marcelle from the Atlanta Housewives announced that she and her fiance Michael Sterling welcomed a baby into this world. This is the couple's first child together. 

At the time it was a joyous announcement. Both Michael and 33 year old Eva seemed genuinely HAPPY and EXCITED about their new baby, Michael Todd Sterling, Jr.

Well it turns out the baby MAY NOT BELONG TO MICHAEL. You see Eva's ex, Kevin McCall is claiming that HE is the father of Eva's new baby.

Kevin told followers on social media that Michael Sterling needs to "get a DNA test." Kevin continued, saying that the baby will be "chocolate and handsome." Both Michael and Eva are light skinned.

Here's Kevin McCall:

Eva and Kevin McCall had a relationship previously which resulted in their 3 year old daughter, Marley Rae. Eva and Kevin have since fallen out and on an episode of Real Housewives of Atlanta Eva referred to her baby's daddy as a "sperm donor." Kevin has berated Eva on social media calling her a "bitch" and also threatening her fiance, Michael. 

In the past Kevin even direct his anger towards baby Marley saying Eva "can have her" and he also said he was "deleting all memories of the child" saying Eva was "dead to him."

We hope that Eva has STEPPED UP her security because Kevin seems to be a loose cannon with his words.