Atlanta Housewife EVA Confirms Tea. . . Porsha Is PREGNANT!!! (Receipts Inside)

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Porsha Williams is pregnant - and her co-star Eva Marcelle just confirmed it. MTO News was the first news source to confirm that Porsha and her new boyfriend are expecting.

Well now we have official confirmation - from another housewife Eva Marcelle.

Last night, MTO News' report began circulating online - and was picked up by an Instagram blogger. Well Eva was on The Gram, and she co-signed the report by "liking" it. We have a screenshot below.


Porsha and Eva have gotten pretty close - especially during the filming of the CURRENT season of the Housewives. According to one person ion production Eva is Porsha's "closest friend" among the Housewives.

Given how close the two ladies are,  Eva's co-sign is basically a confirmation.

After going public about her relationship with Dennis McKinley this summer, Williams has been very open about her love for the 37-year-old entrepreneur. When McKinley celebrated his birthday back in July, Williams jokingly wrote on Instagram, “Let’s make it last foreverrrr.”

Williams and McKinley were spotted in New York, apparently shopping for rings. So could a wedding and a baby be in the works?

While Williams has yet to confirm the rumors, the news would definitely make for interesting TV. Williams and her RHOA castmates have already begun filming the next season of the hit Bravo reality series, which will premiere later this year.